Spring 2017 Catalog Cover



Understanding the Judeo-Christian-Islamic Faiths

A Little More of Everything

Electric Cars

"Ein Feste Burg Is Unser Gott" - Martin Luther & The Protestant Reformation

Conversational Spanish

Tour of Italy from Top to Toe

Fall 2017
Catalog of Short Courses and Events

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  • Mailed and emailed copies were distributed August 1st.  (Does the Academy have your current email address?  If not, send it to info@aikenlearning.org.)
  • The catalog is also available for download here on the Catalog page.
  • The first classes of the Fall term begin the week of September 3.  Short courses begin throughout the term.

To view the catalog, you will need an application that can view files in Portable Document Format (PDF), such as Adobe Acrobat Reader.

To enroll, print the Registration Form found in the catalog, fill it out, and return along with the required fees to the address shown on the form.  You may also hand-deliver your registration to USCA Business and Education Building, Room 113.

You will be sent a confirmation notice when your registration has been processed.

Classroom Locations - Most classes meet on the University of South Carolina Aiken campus (see the USCA Campus Map).  Some additional classes, events, and field trips may be held at other venues as specified.

Call 803.641.3563 or email info@aikenlearning.org.