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Spring 2018

Course: STUDIES IN ALTERNATE HISTORY/SCI-FI: 'Lest Darkness Fall' and 'Parallel Hours'
Required Reading: Both works are available from Amazon and other sources.  Students are expected to have read at least the first half of Lest Darkness Fall prior to the first class. 

Links for your convenience:
Lest Darkness FallAmazon   eBay    Free html scan from (read in web browser)
Parallel Hours: Amazon  eBay

FALL 2017

Course: Winter Colonists' Profiles
Suggested Reading List (doc format) - 13 KB

Course: Monarchy in England 1000-1300
Normans and Angevins Family Tree Page 1 (PDF format) - 567 KB
Normans and Angevins Family Tree Page 2 (PDF format) - 305 KB
Map - Medieval France (PDF format) - 126 KB
Map - Saxon Regions (PDF format) - 122 KB


Course: The Progressive Movement in the United States of America -- Is It a Change for the Better?
Course Outline - Session 1 (none provided)
Course Outline - Session 2 (PDF format) - 29 KB
Course Outline - Session 3 (PDF format) - 30 KB
Course Outline - Session 4 (PDF format) - 54 KB
Course: Past, Present, and Future of Pest Control
Course Outline and Reading List (PDF format) - 77 KB
Course: Etymology: The Wonderful World of Words
Session 1 (PDF format) - 75 KB
Session 2 (PDF format) - 95 KB
Session 3 (PDF format) - 115 KB
Session 4 - no handout provided
Course: Discovering Hidden Diversity in the World Around Us
Aiken County Amphibians (PDF format) - Revised 2/6/17 - 107 KB
Aiken County Reptiles (PDF format) - Revised 2/6/17 - 90 KB
Aiken County Mammals (PDF format) - 88 KB
Snakes of the Southeast APP information (PDF format) - 144 KB
Web Reference Links (PDF format) - 88 KB

FALL 2016

Course: Mussolini’s Maiden, Mothers, and ‘Manly Men’: Gender Politics in Fascist Italy

References (DOCX Format) - 110 KB
Course: The Dangerous South
Session 1: Smith and Wesson (PDF format) - 419 KB
Session 2: Code Duello (PDF format) - 337 KB
Session 3: Dave's Neckliss - (web link)
Session 4: Sack and Destruction (PDF format) - 2150 KB
Session 5: Fall of the House of Usher - (web link)
Session 6: The War in Nicaragua (PDF format) - 862 KB
Course: Immigration and Ellis Island - Repeat from Spring 2016
Ellis Island Timeline (PDF format) - 257 KB

David M. Tavernier
Mr. Tavernier has thoroughly researched Aiken's Winter Colony and has published two books on the subject, Stories of the Rich and Famous and More Stories of the Rich and Famous. He has graciously shared his presentation graphics with us from the two courses he presented in Spring 2016.
Course: Setting the Stage for Aiken's Winter Colony (PDF format) - 1673 KB
Course: Aiken's French Connection (PDF format) - 1525 KB

Course: Movement That Matters
Practical Functional Fitness (PDF format) - 663 KB
FALL 2015

Life On Redcliffe Plantation Following The End Of The Civil War
Slides from Session 1 (PDF format) - 5484 KB
Slides from Session 2 (PDF format) - 4665 KB
Slides from Session 3 (PDF format) - 7967 KB
Course: The Anatomy of Aging: Some Pitfalls and How To Avoid Them
Anatomy of Aging Presentation Slides (PDF format) - 1861 KB
Exercise Programming (PDF format) - 1005 KB
Book List (DOCX format) - 63 KB