Here's a look at what the Curriculum Committee is working on for next semester.

Full details and course information will be available when the Fall 2017 Catalog is issued in August.

The following tentative list of Short Courses is in the works for this Fall:

Preserving Savannah River Site History

Winter Colony Profiles

Conversational Spanish

Energy Sources and Opportunities

Tour Italy from Top to Toe

Social Media and You

Understanding the Judeo-Christian
Faiths and Each Other

Finding Shakespeare's Sisters

Contemporary Poetry

Monarchy in England 1000-1300

Early American Animation
& Film Techniques

Falun Dafa Meditation and Cultivation

Line Dancing, Beginning
& Advanced Classes

The Symphony Orchestra -
Behind the Scenes

Southern Honor
Martin Luther and the
Protestant Reformation

Headstones - Gangsters Ever After

Wither American Health Care

Gerontology 101

Famous and Amazing Akenites


Electric Cars

Appalachian Culture

A Little More of Everything

James Matthews Legaré:
Aiken's 19th Century Man of Genius

Live from the Met

Conflict Resolution Through Conciliation
in South Africa

Susan Glaspell Trifles and
A Jury of Her Peers

Public Art in Aiken: Five Classic Examples

In addition, the following Events are planned:

Aiken Fall Steeplechase Railside

Aiken Standard Field Trip

Holiday Reception