The Academy has its own shop at   There you can purchase apparel and a few other items adorned with the logo of the Academy for Lifelong Learning.

The Academy takes ZERO commission from CafePress on these sales, to make everything as affordable as possible for you.

Your purchases have a 30-day complete satisfaction guarantee, so you can order from CafePress with confidence.

Show the world you're a proud member of the Academy with this collection of snazzy merchandise.  This is the perfect way to promote the Academy to friends and neighbors and throughout our community.

CLICK HERE to go to the Academy Logo Shop at

  Here's a sampling of what you'll find there:

Tee Shirts
Academy Tee Shirts in
several styles and colors.
Sweat Shirts
Academy sweatshirts
in several styles and colors.
Tote Bags
Academy Tote Bags in
two sizes.
Ball Caps
Academy Ball Caps in 
Khaki and White