Picture of Kauffman Placard


Each Spring the Academy for Lifelong Learning honors group or individual that has made significant contributions to the Academy.  This award is given in memory of Dr. Earl F. Kauffman who was one of the individuals most responsible for the creation of the Academy for Lifelong Learning back in 1989. 

To learn more about Dr. Kauffman and the founding of the Academy for Lifelong Learning, please see our Early History document. 

This year, Chuck Braun is being honored by the Academy for Lifelong Learning for his long service to the Academy, his volunteer spirit, his active participation as a member of the Curriculum Committee, his generally positive attitude, and creative, congenial spirit.

After graduation from the University of Buffalo, NY, Chuck Braun was employed as a chemist by Dupont and, later, Westinghouse. In 1953 he was transferred to the Savannah River Plant; Aiken has been his home since then.

Chuck retired in 1995, giving him more time to pursue his many interests, particularly Birding.  Chuck sought to see and photograph at least one member of each species in each family of birds world-wide.  He has accomplished that.  Now he continues to add to his list of 6,544 species.  He has long shared his birding adventures by teaching classes and has served the Academy since the early 1990s.  Chuck has presented many programs to groups in the Augusta and Aiken areas, including the Augusta Audubon Society where he has been an active member since the 1960s.  Chuck writes a column for the quarterly magazine BioPhilately entitled “New Birds in the Philatelic Aviary.”  This is an extension of his collection of birds on stamps.

As an Academy volunteer in the last 5 years alone, we know Chuck to have been a recruiter of instructors and coordinator of courses ranging from Bridge to Islam, from Art History to Great Decisions.

Chuck is an example to all who would continue learning for a lifetime.  He also collects coins, plays chess and duplicate Bridge, and is a member of the Astronomy Club.  He will be birding in Ghana in May.  He loves to tell stories about the people he meets on his trips.

We also salute his wife Joyce, who also is an actively participating Academy member.

L to R: Larry Peyser - Academy President 2008/09, Chuck Braun,
Joyce Braun, Vince Coughlin – Academy President 2007/08