Picture of Kauffman Placard


Each Spring the Academy for Lifelong Learning honors group or individual that has made significant contributions to the Academy.  This award is given in memory of Dr. Earl F. Kauffman who was one of the individuals most responsible for the creation of the Academy for Lifelong Learning back in 1989. 

To learn more about Dr. Kauffman and the founding of the Academy for Lifelong Learning, please see our Early History document. 
Vince Coughlin Receives the 2012 Kauffman Award

The 2012 Academy for Lifelong Learning Earl F. Kauffman Award for outstanding individual contribution to the organization goes to Vince Coughlin.

Vince Coughlin photoFollowing a stint in the Army, Vince graduated from Bucknell University with a degree in Physics.   He began his post-graduate work at William & Mary and completed his Masters in Physics at Franklin & Marshall while working in the Engineering group at RCA in Lancaster, PA.  After a few years there Vince decided to further his education, this time in the field of law at the University of Toledo.  Following his studies, Vince applied at the RCA Corporate Law Office at Princeton, eventually becoming Resident Patent Council for RCA, and later GE.  When Dickenson School of Law initiated a Masters program, Vince couldn't resist the call and attended night school to obtain a Masters in Tax Law.   In addition to his work responsibilities, Vince also found time to teach courses at a local community college.

Upon retirement, Vince and his wife Connie settled in Hilton Head for a few years.   They acquired a boat, and with typical Coughlin dedication, Vince served with the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and as President of the Hilton Head Plantation Yacht Club.

Fortunately for the Academy, Vince and Connie eventually moved to Aiken, seeking a location with a more vibrant town center and broader cultural opportunities.

Vince became involved with the operation of the Academy for Lifelong Learning where he has made significant contributions, serving not just one term but two as one of the Academy's most dynamic and active Presidents.   Vince also created and taught several highly popular courses revolving around the US Constitution and significant precedent-setting court cases.

Vince and Connie moved from Aiken to a retirement community in Macon, GA in 2010.  While most people in that situation would have just said “Sorry, I've moved away”, Vince returned to Aiken regularly to fill out his responsibilities as Immediate Past President of the Academy for the 2010-11 Academy year.   Once established in Macon, in typical Coughlin fashion he set about establishing the Wesleyan Academy for Lifelong Learning (WALL) at Wesleyan College.

Photo: receiving the award
Vince Coughlin accepts the 2012 Kauffman Award from Past President Glenn Knowles

Vince has made a lasting mark on our Academy, for which we are extremely grateful.   It was a treat to have Vince and Connie back one more time for the Kauffman Award celebration, and we hope nothing but good things and happy times for them in the future.