(Co-awardee with Mary Anne Cavanaugh)

Laura Anderson was born in Brooklyn, and has one brother living in Indiana. After graduating high school, she was accepted into City College of NY at the age of sixteen, at a time when admissions standards were more difficult than today. She graduated four years later at the age of twenty.

Laura taught school for two years, then served as Office Manager and Paralegal for Law firms in the NY area, before moving to Lexington VA, with her husband Dan. There she worked for the local police department, ran the office of the builder of their home, had her own desktop publishing firm, and even worked a few summers for the Miss America Pageant. During this period, she also worked at the Southern School, which Mary Anne Cavanaugh had previously attended.

Moving to Aiken in 2001 brought her to USC Aiken, working in the office of Conferences and Continuing Education. Although Laura retired as a full time USCA employee at the end of the 2013-2014 academic year, we were fortunate to have her continue as a part time worker handing the Academy's affairs for one more year, performing too many functions to mention them all. She acted as Treasurer to the Board and offered solutions to knotty scheduling and planning issues for the Curriculum Committee. She formatted each catalog, contracted for its printing, oversaw its mailing to members, and registered all members in their class preferences. She reserved the classrooms, collected the tuition, compensated the instructors, and mailed registration confirmations to all participants in the Academy.

Her fourteen years of service also extended to other activities throughout the year on campus. Laura willingly and silently worked as long as it took to accomplish any task required for every event she oversaw.

Laura Anderson and her Husband Dan