Center for Lifelong Learning

Minutes of 7/9/21 Special Board Meeting

Present: President Wayne Rickman Vice President David Tavernier, Immediate Past President Harriet Haynes, General Interest Curriculum Chair Steve Gordy, Technology Curriculum Chair Raleigh Daniel, Publicity Chair Jim Tisaranni, Spiral Editor Doug Wilson, Webmaster Jim Brown (by remote), Nancy Hughes, Ruth Poland, and Christi Favre.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 am by Wayne Rickman. This was a special meeting called by the president to discuss some outstanding issues.

The minutes of the 5/3/21 Board meeting were approved.

Catalog Status

There are still minor changes outstanding. All changes must be sent to Marra by July 16.

Doug will set up and edit an online calendar of the classes, as soon as they are firmed up. Marra will send him a draft copy of the catalog when she sends it to the printer.

Distribution of catalog projected to be the first week of August.

The new logo design by Marra was tentatively approved. There may be slight changes later, but this is the logo that will be used for the fall catalog.


Nametags for the board members, the liaisons of the General Interest Curriculum Committee and the volunteers with Technology Interest Committee will be ordered. Initially the nametags will be paper ones with plastic holders that are magnetic, and will be done by office staff. When the final LOGO is accepted, plastic nametags will be ordered.

Center Rollout

The roll out will be July 23, 11:00 to 12:00.

The new chancellor, Dr. Daniel Heimmermann, and Dr. Darren Timmons, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, will be attending. Karen Edgington, former Director of the Office of External Programs will be in attendance. Invitations will be issued to board members, the liaisons of the General Interest Curriculum Committee and the volunteers with Technology Interest Committee. RSVP’s will be requested.

Open House

Open house will be set for August 17, 9:00 am to noon. No special events are planned.


Stronger emphasis will be put on securing more new volunteers for liaisons and the technology coaches, and also for at least two new categories: Publicity volunteers and General volunteers

Mailing list Required

A new mailing list for board members is required, in lieu of the Merger Mail List. Paul Crook and Michael St. John will be added.

Board Meeting Schedule

Regular Board meetings for the fall semester 2021 will be on the first Friday of each month, August through November, at 10:00 am in room 102.