Center for Lifelong Learning

Minutes of 9-3-21 Board Meeting

Present: President Wayne Rickman, Immediate Past President Harriet Haynes, Publicity Chair Jim Tisaranni, General Interest Curriculum Chair Steve Gordy, Spiral Editor Doug Wilson, Webmaster Jim Brown (by remote), Michael St. John, USCA Asst. Director of Ext. Programs.

Absent: Secretary Ellen Wood. Vice President David Tavernier, Technology Interest Committee Chair Raleigh Daniel,

Treasurer’s Report: Michael St. John

General Interest Curriculum Committee: Steve Gordy

Technology Interest Committee Chair: Raleigh Daniel

Publicity Committee Report: Jim Tisaranni


Catalog Status:

All information for inclusion in spring catalog is due to Michael by October 15.

Verification of Benefits : Michael St. John

Approval of Bylaw VI members addition:


Open House proposals: Harriet Haynes

Changes to Policies and Procedures :

  1. A new Item 4 will be added to the Policies and Procedures and it will be called Center Course Policies.

  2. Current Policies and Procedures Item 4 will become new Item 5. Under the new Item 5, a new committee will be added called Volunteer Committee. Nancy Hughes was selected as chair.

  3. Current Policies and Procedures Item 5 will become new Item 6.

  4. Current Policies and Procedures Item 6 will become new Item 7.

Meeting adjourned at 11:02 am.

Regular Board meetings for the fall semester 2021 will be on the first Friday of each month, August through November, at 10:00 am in room 102.

The next Board meeting will be Friday, October 1.