Center for Lifelong Learning

Minutes of 11-5-21 Board Meeting

Present: President Wayne Rickman, Immediate Past President Harriet Haynes, Vice President David Tavernier, Publicity Chair Jim Tisaranni, General Interest Curriculum Chair Steve Gordy, Technology Interest Committee Chair Raleigh Daniel, Webmaster Jim Brown (virtual), Board member at-large Donna Wesby (virtual), Volunteer Chairman Nancy Hughes, Spiral Editor Doug Wilson, USCA Asst. Director of Ext. Programs Michael St. John, Secretary Ellen Wood, volunteers Debbie Brooks and Jacqui Rees.

Treasurer’s Report: Michael St. John circulated the CLL report for November which now includes reports on the endowments.

General Interest Curriculum Committee: Steve Gordy

Technology Interest Committee Chair: Raleigh Daniel

Draft of all classes in Spring semester catalogue handed out as well as a master schedule for all classrooms. It was noted that: there may be some overlap of tech and general classes; there are challenges to scheduling so many (61) classes; catalogue will be organized chronologically. Brief discussion of possibility of evening classes; no action.

Publicity Committee Report: Jim Tisaranni

Jim distributed and reported on the progress to date of the USCA-CLL Publicity Action Plan (dated 10/17/21). The plan identifies many items with target dates for completion. (See Jim’s handout) A few of the items included are:

Veterans’ Military Sponsorship Reception: Wayne attended reception. Board will consider the reauthorization of the three $1500 scholarships at January meeting.



Discussion about allowing Winter/Spring registrations prior to the Open House but decision to make no changes at this time. Review of this will continue. Important to maintain computer registration. Open House seen as a chance to build camaraderie and sense of our organization. Suggestion to have activities beyond simply registration, such as continuously playing ‘trailers’. Need to designate volunteers ahead of event.

Other Business: Doug provided information about the fall ’22 Steeplechase. Costs of sites still unknown but increase anticipated. CLL has 3 sites.

Meeting adjourned at 11:35 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Wood, Secretary