Center for Lifelong Learning

Minutes of 1-14-2022 Board Meeting

Present: President Wayne Rickman, Immediate Past President Harriet Haynes, Vice President David Tavernier, Publicity Chair Jim Tisaranni, General Interest Curriculum Chair Steve Gordy, Technology Interest Committee Chair Raleigh Daniel, Webmaster Jim Brown (virtual), Volunteer Chairman Nancy Hughes, Spiral Editor Doug Wilson, Treasurer and USCA Asst. Director of Ext. Programs Michael St. John (virtual), Secretary Ellen Wood.

Treasurer’s Report: The CLL reports for December and January were circulated.

Michael and others noted that some figures for the December report were incomplete and will require adjustments.

Review of registration stats as of 1/12: Wayne Rickman

General Interest Curriculum Committee: Steve Gordy

Discussion of the November Book Fair with consensus that it should continue on an annual basis. Recommendation for a much stronger publicity effort as well as a more public- and vendor-friendly venue. An ad-hoc committee will be formed to plan for this. Nancy will send out a request for volunteers.

Technology Interest Committee Chair: Raleigh Daniel

Five upgraded MACs contributed by USCAiken need new USB connector (approximately $50). Board approved purchase, with funds to come from CLL checking account.

Publicity Committee Report: Jim Tisaranni

Jim reviewed the CLL Publicity Action Plan noting what has been accomplished and what remains to be done. Discussion of strategies including enrollment goals and funds available for marketing. Need to improve CLL ad for use in newspaper as well as catalog and other media. Decision to create, by May, a publicity budget for fall 2022; committee comprised of Wayne, Harriet, David, Jim T. and Liz Malyszek.

Well Done! Wayne

Wayne extended thanks to many, including Debbie Brooks, Harriet and David for the well attended Christmas party; Debbie for a very successful Open House on 1/6; and Doug for his clear and thoughtful response to a participant’s request for online classes (which cannot be accommodated).




Presentation of revision to the CLL Policies and Procedures. In past the Academy selected a Kauffman award recipient and McGrath selected a volunteer of the year recipient. Discussion about whether to have one, two or several awards.

Board approved a revision to the CLL Policies and Procedures revision, Section 6.3 Kauffman Awards (new), which identifies the process but leaves open the number of awardees. This revision will be attached to the minutes.

Other Business:

Discussion of grant writing will be taken up at a future meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Ellen Wood, Secretary