The resources* listed below relate to both how the Center operates and how work is done by staff and students.

Bylaws – rules under which the Center is organized and operates.

Policies & Procedures – policies and procedures of the Center as approved by the Board of Directors.

Liaison Responsibilities Worksheet – for use by Course Liaisons when setting up courses with instructors.

Liaison Pay Information Packet – forms and instructions for use by Course Liaisons to register instructors to be paid.

Instructor Guide – information for course instructors.

Parking Decal Form – form to apply for a UofSC Aiken parking permit decal. Required for staff, instructors, and students to park on campus (with a few exceptions).

* Most of the resources on this page are documents in PDF format. Most up-to-date web browsers will display these documents. If your browser does not, you will need to download a free app to read them, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.