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Looking for the Academy for Lifelong Learning? You are at the right place. The Academy has merged with the McGrath Computer Learning Center to form the Center for Lifelong Learning. The Center uses the Academy's old web address. For information from the Academy's or McGrath's former websites, go to the archived information website.

Center for Lifelong Learning

Welcome to the Center for Lifelong Learning! The Center is both an old and a new organization to bring the opportunity to learn to Aiken-area adults. Old in the sense that it has been forged from two familiar organizations: the Academy for Lifelong Learning and the McGrath Computer Learning Center. New in the sense that by integrating the resources of its predecessors, the Center will be able to provide students with more resources for improved learning opportunities.

Both predecessor organizations were affiliated with the Office of External Programs, Continuing Education, and Conferences at the University of South Carolina Aiken. That affiliation continues. The University provides support, administrative services, and physical facilities to the Center.

With the merger, the Center will be able to make more efficient use of the University’s resources and reduce operating expenses. It will be able to draw from a larger pool of potential students consisting of Academy members and McGrath students. The combined volunteer base will be able to better serve all of our students (but we need new volunteers to bring fresh ideas into the Center!).

The Center’s initial course offering will be in September. It will offer both general interest courses, similar to those the Academy previously offered, and technology courses, similar to those McGrath offered. We are excited about the future as the Center builds toward future growth in both number of students and number of classes, better economy in our outreach, and greater efficiency in our operations. Come join us to learn!

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