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Book Fair 2022

Posted: 2022-09-22 05:17

Book Fair 2022, a CLL fundraiser for its scholarship fund, will be held Saturday, September 24, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM, in the Etherredge Center Lower and Upper Lobbies on campus. Come meet and talk to real authors. No admission charge, but donations are gratefully accepted.

Class Schedule Updates

Posted: 8:19 AM 9/14/2022

As you likely know, we had a number of errors in our printed catalog. We are also operating in a new working environment with USCA. Those two elements have resulted in inconsistencies in our published class schedule information and in more wait-lists than we want. We apologize for those. The Center and the university are dedicated to eliminating these issues for next semester. For now, we believe you will find consistent information about the class schedule for the fall semester, regardless of where that information is published. Check anywhere in this block to go to the Catalog page for up-to-date schedules and an errata for the printed catalog. Thank you for your patience.

Course Canceled

Posted: 7:23 AM 9/7/2022

The course Introduction to Digital Networks has been canceled for the fall semester due to insufficient enrollment.

Schedule Changes

Posted: 7:11 AM 9/7/2022

Several courses have date and time changes due to an unavoidable change in the instructor's schedule. These courses are: Exploring Windows 10, Making the Most of Your Words, Home Security, and Home Surveillance Systems. To see the changes for a specific course, click anywhere in this block and select the course name from the topical index, under the heading Technology, to display the details for that course.

Section Added

Posted: 5:54 AM 9/6/2022

We have added a second section of the course Google Picasa Photo Editing to accommodate wait-listed students. The added section will be taught on October 17 at 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM.

Section Added

Posted: 6:19 PM 9/2/2022

We have added a second section of the course Cathedrals of Europe: The Sky's the Limit to accommodate wait-listed students. The added section will be taught on four consecutive Mondays beginning October 10 at 11:45 AM - 12:45 PM.

Courses Canceled

Posted: 7:44 AM 9/2/2022

The courses below have been canceled for the fall semester:

    • Forensic Science, Solving Crimes, Identifying Killers
    • Falun Dafa Cultivation and Meditation, and
    • Story Cycle versus Composite Anthology: Lesser Mountains and Magic, Mystery, Madness: Electric Ekphrastics.

Those who have already registered for these courses will be notified by email.

Masks Optional

Posted: 11:42 AM 3/28/2022

As of March 28, 2022, wearing a mask in classrooms is optional, per revised guidance from USCA. Individual CLL instructors may request that you wear a mask and/or socially distance in their classrooms.

Member Benefits

Posted: 10:15 AM 2/25/2022

The $35 per semester fee brings you benefits in addition to permitting you to register and attend classes. Click here to go to the Member Benefits page to see them all.