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Kauffman Award Luncheon

Posted: 9:03 AM 5/1/2024
The 2024 Kauffman Rememberance Day and Award luncheon was held April 24 on the campus of USCA. The 2024 Kauffman Award was presented to Carl Fields in recognition of his years of service to the Center of Lifelong Learning and its predecessor.

Spring Semester Completed

Posted: 7:58 AM 4/24/2024
We have completed the Spring 2024 semester of classes. Come back in August to review the schedule of courses for the Fall semester. Registration will be in September.

Relationship with USCA

Posted: 7:07 AM 1/12/2024
On January 11, 2024, the Center signed a new agreement with USCA. Under the new agreement, the Center becomes a program of the University. Heretofore, the Center was an independent, volunteer-run organization with strong ties to the University. You may read more about the signing ceremony here.

Volunteer Opportunity

The Center is run by volunteers. Although we “hire” some instructors, many of the instructors and coaches are volunteers. All of the Center managers are volunteers. The Center cannot function without volunteers. If you value the product the Center provides to the community, come join us. We all just enjoy the satisfaction of helping others learn new things and develop new skills.

If you do not believe you could stand in front of a class, or even work with students at their desks one on one, there are still many volunteer needs at the Center. As with any organization, we need volunteers who are willing to serve on committees to decide what we teach and how we teach it. The Center requires the full spectrum of skills that any organization needs: president, secretary, treasurer, classroom material writer, curriculum developer, publicity leader, and more. Here are examples of volunteer opportunities.

Class Liaisons Volunteers You become a member of the General Interest Curriculum Committee. You assist in the development of information regarding the semester’s General Interest courses, events, and instructors and serve as the communication link between the University, the Center, and the instructors.

Technology Volunteers You become a member of the Technology Curriculum Committee and assist in the development and presentation of the technology courses. Your assistance may be in the areas of course development, or presentation (coaching or instructing). Additionally volunteers manages the equipment, software, and infrastructure needs for providing instruction in the Technology center.

Publicity Volunteers You become a member of the Publicity Committee and assist in communicating the goals , courses and activities of the center. This could include preparation and submittal of articles to local publications and local media; or assistance in the semester course catalog; or assistance with the monthly newsletter; or help with the Center website.

General Volunteers You would help with other requirements such as becoming a Center Board member; assisting in planning and execution of social events, Open House, Special Interest Group formation, and other activities planned by the Center.

There are plenty of things to do. So, come join us, and help serve your Aiken community. If you have an interest, please e-mail us or call 803-641‑3741 with any questions.