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Kauffman Award Luncheon

Posted: 9:03 AM 5/1/2024
The 2024 Kauffman Rememberance Day and Award luncheon was held April 24 on the campus of USCA. The 2024 Kauffman Award was presented to Carl Fields in recognition of his years of service to the Center of Lifelong Learning and its predecessor.

Spring Semester Completed

Posted: 7:58 AM 4/24/2024
We have completed the Spring 2024 semester of classes. Come back in August to review the schedule of courses for the Fall semester. Registration will be in September.

Relationship with USCA

Posted: 7:07 AM 1/12/2024
On January 11, 2024, the Center signed a new agreement with USCA. Under the new agreement, the Center becomes a program of the University. Heretofore, the Center was an independent, volunteer-run organization with strong ties to the University. You may read more about the signing ceremony here.

2024 Kauffman Remembrance Day and Award

View of the 2023 Kauffman luncheon attendees (2024 picture not available)

Last Year's Luncheon (Photo by Carl Fields)

In a tradition going back to 1982, a luncheon is held each year to honor the memory of Dr. Earl Kauffman, the driving force behind the creation of the Center for Lifelong Learning's predecessor organization in 1989, and the beginning of senior education in Aiken. The 2024 Kauffman Remembrance Day luncheon was held April 24 in the lobby the Etherredge Center at USC Aiken.

Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) President Raleigh Daniel gave opening remarks regarding the Center's past year's success.

The luncheon is funded in part by an endowment from the family of late USCA Professor James Kauffman to perpetuate the memory of his father. The event is open to all current registered members of the Center for Lifelong Learning.

Kauffman Award Presentation

Carl Fields displays his 2024 Kauffman award while presenter Jim Tisaranni looks on.

Carl Fields displays his 2024 Kauffman award while presenter Jim Tisaranni looks on (Photo by Aiken Standard)

Part of the Kauffman Remembrance Day memorial is the presentation of the Kauffman Award to an group or individual who has made significant contributions to the Center for Lifelong Learning. This annual award was begun in 1992, three years after the Academy for Lifelong Learning was organized.

Center Vice President Jim Tisaranni presented the award at this year's luncheon to Carl Fields.


Dan Gluvna Receives Inaugural President's Award

President Raleigh Daniel (left) presents the inaugural President's Award to Dan Gluvna. (Photo by Aiken Standard)

In his President's message, President Daniel introduced the creation of the new President's Award. Dan Gluvna, Chair of the General Interest Curriculum Committee, is its first recipient.

Dan has made great strides in improving the curriculum creation and scheduling process, and under his leadership the number of courses presented and their popularity have increased significantly.


Note: This article is an edited version of the one appearing in The Spiral by Doug Wilson.