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Spring Schedule Posted

Posted: 12:45 AM 12/1/2023
The class schedule for the spring 2024 semester has been posted on this website. Click anywhere in this block to go to the list of courses. The printed catalog will be mailed to you soon if you are on our catalog mailing list. We believe you will find many interesting and informative courses being offered this semester. Open House and Registration will be January 3. Classes will start January 16.

We're Now on Facebook!

Posted: 5:34 PM 8/16/2023
The Center for Lifelong Learning went 'live' on social media with the launch of our Facebook group, 'CSRA Friends of Lifelong Learning' on Sunday, August 13. To join the group, go to our Facebook page by clicking here. If you already have a Facebook account, you may also open Facebook, find it under Groups, and ask to join. You will be approved within 24 hours and will have immediate access to the latest news about the Center. Of course, you can always access our website ( for complete information, but this group gives us a way to reach an audience through the most popular social media service.

Volunteers Needed

Posted: 7:25 AM 7/7/2023
The Center is run by its volunteers. Running it is work that is meaningful and rewarding. We need volunteers in all areas of the organization: administration, publicity, fund raising, and many others. If you've been thinking about helping your community by volunteering your time and skills and want to explore volunteering with us, please send us an email at Trust me, we'll get back to you quickly. Click to learn more.

Parking Passes

Posted: 9:07 AM 7/2/2023
A parking pass is required to park on campus to attend CLL classes. To acquire a pass, take your driver's license and vehicle registration certificate to Room 126 of the Business and Education Building. You may also acquire a pass at Open House if you bring your license and registration. Passes are valid for a year—check the expiration date on your decal. When you come to campus, place your decal in the lower left corner of your windshield and park only in spaces with white lines; spaces with yellow lines are reserved for USCA faculty.

Topical Index of Courses

Click the course name in the index1 to go to full details about a course. Courses are removed from the index after the last class is held..

A membership fee of $35.00 per semester is required to take courses. Each course has an additional cost, based on number of class meetings, as shown in the details of the course description. You may see a summary of course information here.

Pre-registration is required for all courses; see registration information here. Registration opens January 3, 9:00 AM. You may not register for a course until that time.

Apple Technology

Learning to Use Your Apple Watch

Learning to Use Your iPhone

Using the iPhone/iPad Camera & Photo App

Using iCloud with Your iPad/iPhone

iPhone Password Management & Accessibility Features

Apple MacBooks and iMacs

Apple Technology Discussion Group


More About Ballet

Line Dancing


Florida's Fabulous Wading Birds

Cecropia Moths

Field Trips

Plant Vogtle Tour #1

Plant Vogtle Tour #2

Aiken County Library Tour


Growing Fruit Trees at Your Home in the CSRA

Pollinator Friendly Gardens: Let's Take a Look & Find Out What's Out There


Nuclear Science Fundamentals for Everyone

The Art of Negotiation

Documenting Your Tribal Membership

International Nuclear Implications


JFK: The Fate that Launched a Thousand Conspiracies

Submarines: Past, Present and Future

Chessmate for Beginners


Understanding Local Governments

Great Decisions

Super Tuesday in the Presidential Primaries

Strategic Voting in US Elections

The What and Why of the Straight Ticket Voting Option


Who's Who in the World of Black Augusta: 1870-1950

Aiken County Death Certificates: A Gold Mine of Life History Information

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations

Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery from Sacagawea's Perspective

Women in Numismatic: Elvira Clain-Stefanelli and Her Legacy

History and Lessons Learned from Nuclear Accidents

History in Headstones: The Cowboy Congress—Legislators Behaving Boldly

Man's Fastest Friend: A History of Greyhounds and Humans

Our Founding Documents

The Manhattan Project and Origin of the DOE Complex

The American Revolution: Causes, Campaigns, and Consequences

Stories in Stone: Iconology and Burial Traditions

Female Operatives of the O.S.S.

D-Day and the Search for Madio Muratori

Conversing with Colonials

Civil War Cooking: What the Confederate Soldiers Ate

A Look at Colonial Dress: Exploring the Clothing and Accessories

Coastal and Backcountry Living in the Colonial Period

Exploring an 18th Century Pantry

Law Enforcement

Forensic Science II: A Further Look at Science and Justice


The Life, Times, and Influence of Henry David Thoreau

Stoker on Stoker: The Mysteries Behind the Writing of Dracula

The Life, Art, and Stories of Dr. Seuss


More Strolls Around Mr. Irvin's Map

Tommy Hitchcock, Jr.: Aiken Winter Colony Patriot & Polo Icon

Historic Photographs of Aiken

Downtown Churches of Aiken

Two Eminent 18th-Century Augustans: George Walton and Ezekiel Harris


Orchestral Music

Who's Afraid of Opera

Other Technology

Learning to Use Your Android Device

Introduction to Chromebooks

Introduction to Digital Networks

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Exploring Amazon Fire Tablets

Personal Safety

Computer Security and Privacy

Home Surveillance Systems

How to Fight Back Against Computer Scams

Facebook Security

Home Security


Travel Resources & Trip Preparation

Well Being

Exercise is Medicine

Brain and Body Fitness by Ageless Grace

The Microbiome, Diet and Health

Windows Technology

Exploring Windows 10

Excel 101

Making the Most of Your Words

Excel 102

Google Picasa Photo Editing

How Do I Use One Drive?


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