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We teach courses that range from turning on a iPad for the first time to wine tasting to connecting safely to the Internet to the beauty of Saturn's rings. You name it—history, diet, medicine, travel, music, personal technology—and we likely offer a course on it at some time. We do not teach every course in our inventory every term and we frequently develop new ones, so come back often.

A membership fee of $35.00 per semester is required to take any course or attend most events. Each course requires a separate cost that will be shown in the details of the course description when posted. The cost varies with the number of sessions that the class meets.

The course schedule for the upcoming semester is not yet available. Check back in early August for the fall semester and early December for the spring semester.

Courses Offered in the Past

Some of our courses may not be offered this term, but may be offered again in the future. If you are aware of such a course and would be interested in taking it, let us know. Student interest plays a major role in the decision to offer it again. Let us know at