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Spring Schedule Posted

Posted: 12:45 AM 12/1/2023
The class schedule for the spring 2024 semester has been posted on this website. Click anywhere in this block to go to the list of courses. The printed catalog will be mailed to you soon if you are on our catalog mailing list. We believe you will find many interesting and informative courses being offered this semester. Open House and Registration will be January 3. Classes will start January 16.

We're Now on Facebook!

Posted: 5:34 PM 8/16/2023
The Center for Lifelong Learning went 'live' on social media with the launch of our Facebook group, 'CSRA Friends of Lifelong Learning' on Sunday, August 13. To join the group, go to our Facebook page by clicking here. If you already have a Facebook account, you may also open Facebook, find it under Groups, and ask to join. You will be approved within 24 hours and will have immediate access to the latest news about the Center. Of course, you can always access our website ( for complete information, but this group gives us a way to reach an audience through the most popular social media service.

Volunteers Needed

Posted: 7:25 AM 7/7/2023
The Center is run by its volunteers. Running it is work that is meaningful and rewarding. We need volunteers in all areas of the organization: administration, publicity, fund raising, and many others. If you've been thinking about helping your community by volunteering your time and skills and want to explore volunteering with us, please send us an email at Trust me, we'll get back to you quickly. Click to learn more.

Parking Passes

Posted: 9:07 AM 7/2/2023
A parking pass is required to park on campus to attend CLL classes. To acquire a pass, take your driver's license and vehicle registration certificate to Room 126 of the Business and Education Building. You may also acquire a pass at Open House if you bring your license and registration. Passes are valid for a year—check the expiration date on your decal. When you come to campus, place your decal in the lower left corner of your windshield and park only in spaces with white lines; spaces with yellow lines are reserved for USCA faculty.


(Frequently Asked Questions)

This is the frequently asked questions (FAQ*) page of the Center for Lifelong Learning at the University of South Carolina at Aiken. The items on this page relate to the curriculum and activities of the Center, especially questions that prospective members may have. If you have other questions, please call us at 803-641-3741 or email us at

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Any adult who enjoys continuing to learn may take classes. Our students are mostly retired since our classes are taught during the daytime hours.

We post on the website the class schedule for the fall semester in early August and for the spring semester in early December. Usually the catalog of all courses is available on the website at about the same time. The printed catalog is mailed to those on our catalog mailing list about then as well.

We mail our printed catalog two times a year, about four to six weeks before a semester begins. To get on our mailing list, send your name, street address, city, state, and zip code to or fill out our online sign-up form. You may also download a copy of the catalog by clicking here.

There is a membership fee of $35 per semester. You must be a member to register for classes. There is an additional fee for each course that ranges from $5 to $28 based on the type of course and the number of times the class meets. You may review the additional fee in the list of courses.

Classes for fall semester start in September and those for spring semester in January. You may get the details at the Registration Information webpage.

Just let us know! We are always looking for new volunteers interested in helping others to learn. You may let us know by emailing us. If you are registering for a course, there is also a place on the form to indicate you would like to volunteer.

The two organizations saw opportunities for increased outreach, improved efficiency of operations, and better use of resources to improve the variety of courses to offer to Aiken area adults.

Yes. The Academy taught courses on history, art, well being, music, cooking, literature, and others. These will be continued as General Interest courses by the Center. McGrath taught courses in the use of personal technology such as computers and smartphones. These will be continued as Technology courses.

Yes. The Academy previously used a flat membership fee per semester and McGrath charged for each course. The new fee structure will combine those approaches. A membership fee of $35.00 per semester will be charged to take any course. Each course will have an additional fee based on the type of course and number of times the class meets.

The day-to-day activities of the Center are run by a governing board staffed by volunteers. That board interfaces with the University to coordinate resources and find classrooms for the classes. The Center abides by all University policies and procedures, but it is self-supporting and self-governing.

The University provides support, administrative services, and physical facilities to the Center. The Center interfaces directly with the USC Aiken Office of External Programs, Continuing Education, and Conferences.

Under certain circumstances, USC Aiken classes may be free of tuition for those at least 60 years old. However, while the Center is associated with the USC Aiken Office of External Programs, Continuing Education, and Conferences, it is not a part of the state-supported university and our classes are not covered by that policy.

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