Before each semester, USC Aiken mails a printed catalog presenting the courses offered by both the University Continuing Education department and the Center for Lifelong Learning. If you are not on the mailing list for the catalog, and would like to be, you may sign up online.

Select the appropriate link below for information about this semester's catalog:

Download PDF of printed catalog – Center for Lifelong Learning portion* of full printed catalog only.

Download catalog for printing – Up-to-date catalog formatted for printing at home directly from your browser, i.e., black & white, no graphics. About 30 pages. Contains only the Center for Lifelong Learning courses.

Summary Schedule – All the course times and places on three to five pages. Online, you can click the course name to get full details. Suitable for printing directly from your browser.

Errata to the printed catalog – list of errors found in the printed catalog with their corrections.

List of changes – Webpage with all changes to class date, time, location, or cancellation (as well as other news). Formatted for printing directly from your browser.

*Alternatively, you may download the full catalog, which contains both the Center for Lifelong Learning courses and all the other Continuing Education courses offered by USC Aiken. This is a larger download.