Kauffman Remembrance
Day and Award

Every Spring, the Center for Lifelong Learning holds a Remembrance Day to honor the memory of Dr. Earl F. Kauffman. Dr. Kauffman was one of the individuals most responsible for the creation of the Academy for Lifelong Learning, one of the Center's predecessor organizations, back in 1989. Kauffman Recognition Day Poster (To learn more about Dr. Kauffman and the founding of the Academy for Lifelong Learning, please see our History page.)

Each year on Kauffman Remembrance Day an award is given in Dr. Kauffman's memory to recognize a group or individual that has made significant contributions to the Center. This recognition has been given annually since 1992, just three years after the Academy's founding. (2021 was an exception when no luncheon was held due to COVID-19.)

The Kauffman Luncheon is held in April and is funded from an endowment created by USC Aiken Professor James Kauffman and his family in memory of his father Earl. All Center members are sent invitations and are encouraged to attend. An RSVP is required for event planning purposes.

Kauffman Awardees
2022 Jim Brown
2021 None (due to covid)
2020 Vicki Collins*
2019 Doug Cook
2018 Doris Hammond
2017 Jim Farmer
2016 Nancy Meinhardt
2015 Laura Anderson & Mary Anne Cavanaugh
2014 Dick Baxter
2013 Dr. Deidre Martin
2012 Vince Coughlin
2011 Kathy Schultz
2010 Doug Wilson
2009 Mike Lythgoe
2008 Chuck Braun
2007 LouAnn Ainsworth
2006 Ray Wright
2005 Adele O'Connell
2004 William Scott
2003 Joan Lacombe
2002 Arlene Lane
2001 Elizabeth Hutchins
2000 Beecher Morton
1999 Bob Alexander
1998 Jean Haynes
1997 Barbara Randall
1996 (data lost)
1995 George Gaudaen
1994 Connie Dunbar
1992 Kim Wood Woeber

*Vicki Collins was selected in 2020, but COVID-19 precluded a Luncheon. Unfortnately, Vicki died before the award could be presented to her. It was accepted by her husband at the 2022 Luncheon.

The McGrath Computer Learning Center, the other predecessor organization of the Center, selected a Volunteer of the Year during its years of operation 1999–2021. Each year's awardee was nominated by and voted on by the Steering Commitee. You can see the list of awardees here (use Chrome, Firefox, or Edge browser).