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Officers & Other Staff

Current Officers and Staff
Center for Lifelong Learning
President Wayne Rickman
Immediate Past President Harriet Haynes
Vice President David Tavernier
Secretary Ellen Wood
Treasurer Michael St. John
General Interest Curriculum Chair Steve Gordy
Assistant General Interest Curriculum Chair Open
Technology Curriculum Chair Raleigh Daniel
Assistant Technology Curriculum Chair George Heh
Publicity Chair Jim Tisaranni
Volunteer Chair Nancy Hughes
Member At-Large Open
Webmaster Jim Brown
Newsletter Editor Doug Wilson
University Representative Michael St. John

Note: The individuals listed above comprise the Board of the Center. Voting members of the Board are the Officers, Chairpersons of Standing Committees established by the Board, and At-Large Members. Ex officio, non-elected, non-voting members of the Board include the University Representative, the Newsletter Editor, and the Webmaster.